Oxygen Concentrato

YU300 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator is intended for the general population regardless of age, since it improves the brain function, improves the skin appearance, beneficialy influences health in general, raises productivity, enhances memory and reduces mental fatigue.
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Product Features

  • Safety plastic shell.
  • With infrared remote control system, can be operated conveniently. With time collect function.
  • Display the operation time in LCD.
  • With timing power off function.
  • Anion generating function can improve the alveolaventilation function and increase the oxygen absorption rate.
  • Input Power: 135VA
  • Oxygen Concentration: 90%~30%
  • Flow Range: 1~7L/min
  • Noise: Average(Front sode) 43dB(A); Whole unit 49dB(A)
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Dimension: H28cm (11″) x W18.5cm (7.3″) x D30cm (11.8″)


Products specifications
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