Realme Buds Air 2

Realme Air Buds 2 Available colors : White, Black & Yellow
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Description Of Realme Air Buds 2

Cut Out the Noise

The Buds Air 2 supports up to 25dB of noise cancellation and can filter out most low-frequency noise, including the rumble of airplanes, the subway, and other transportation tools. It also cancels out the noise of home appliances so that you can immerse yourself in music or work without being disturbed.

*For better noise isolation, choose the ear tips that fit your ears to enhance passive noise reduction.





realmeBuds Air 2

Be Heard,Wherever You Are

Turn on Transparency Mode to hear sound from your environment, so you can keep up a conversation while wearing earbuds.

*Long press both earbuds 2s to switch between ANC and Transparency Mode.

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